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Photo Print Comparison

Whenever a client contacts me (or meets with me in person), one of the first questions they always ask me is “do I get the CD of photos?” The answer is yes, but let me explain. In our digital world, we are all obsessed with sharing images online, and I completely understand the importance and fun of showing your engagement and wedding photos to all of your family and friends.

Most clients know that they want a CD of the photos; but many clients do not fully understand the difference between low-resolution photos and high-resolution photos. Low-resolution photos are perfect for viewing on a screen; a computer screen, a phone screen, even a TV screen. These are your digital images and are not meant to be printed. In most cases, this is all my clients truly want. They want to post their photos on Facebook and share them by email, and that’s perfectly fine with me.

High-resolution photos are too large to be posted online and are specifically meant to be printed. Many of my clients take this CD and put it in a safe location, but they rarely ever actually print their photos on their own. Most couples choose to purchase a custom wedding album which features all of their favorite wedding day photos. Some couples also order large wall portraits from me and smaller gift prints to give to their family.

Most of my wedding photography packages include both a low-resolution CD and a high-resolution CD. I completely understand the importance of these items (I even insisted on having them included in my own wedding package when I was married). However, if you want to have printed photos, I highly recommend ordering your photos through a professional photographer who only uses a professional photo lab.

Every photo lab uses different paper and different ink to print your photos. Places like Walmart, Target, Costco, and Walgreens cannot compare to the unbeatable quality of a professional lab. See for yourself: last week I printed the same photos at my professional lab, Walmart, and Costco. The color difference is extreme! The photos from my professional lab were perfect and looked exactly how I edited them. The photos from Walmart looked too dark and had a high amount of unwanted contrast. The photos from Costco looked dull and washed out.

Remember, you paid to have a professional photographer capture your images and perfectly edit your photos. Having them printed in a professionally printed album or as wall portraits or gift size prints from a professional photo lab is the perfect way for you to treasure your images for years to come.



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